Printing on Custom Size Paper on Windows or Mac

I am not sure what it is, tax season, new applications with non-standard sizes, envelopes or whatever, we have seen more questions about printing to custom size paper.  A custom size can be created at the machine for copies but we will look at creating custom sizes in the print driver for print jobs.  […]

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Big Data Is a Game-Changing Technology

Many companies view big data as a strategic—even game-changing—technology development, and they’re looking for new ways to maximize the value of those efforts.

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The Best Way to Engage Prospects on Social Media?

How does a printing company stop a prospective customer dead in their tracks on social media?
Sadly, the answer is often to talk about printing. Today’s print buyers often know little about print. They are rarely interested in the processes.
However, many printing companies tend to bombard their connections with technical print information and pictures of […]

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Cutting Costs on Cloud Migrations

This study measures whether it’s more economical to run workloads on-premise or in the cloud, and whether to refresh technology or migrate to the cloud.

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Device Compatibility Pack for the Global Print or Mobile Express Driver

A Device Compatibility Pack (DCP) is a compressed file archive containing product specific data including device images, driver constraints, device capabilities and more. The print drivers rely on DCPs and their contents to know how to print to specific products. There is a Xerox DC TIP which has recently, (January 2017), been updated on […]

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Getting Personal with Printed Catalogs

Sources: Xerox-InfoTrends Research; The Mail Moment, USPS
When 69 percent of your target audience engages in a particular purchase behavior, you’ll most certainly want your customer experience to enable that activity. That, in a nutshell, is what’s behind the recent resurgence in printed catalogs. A recent Xerox-InfoTrends research study found that nearly seven out of […]

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Machine Data Analytics Aids Big Data & IoT Efforts

Companies are deploying the latest in machine data analytics to benefit big data and internet of things efforts, as well as IT operations and cyber-security.

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Xerox inkjet portfolio featured at Hunkeler Innovationdays

Early adopters of Xerox’s inkjet technology say they are seeing measurable business results such as increased page volumes, savings from printing on standard offset coated stocks, and faster turnaround on high-volume transactional print jobs. The Xerox…

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Brother Dominic is Back!!

What’s old is new again. Some 40 years ago Brother Dominic performed the miracle of copying a multiple page document, returning 500 sets of the document to his boss in short order.  That ad showed the capabilities of the Xerox 9200 Duplicating System and became an iconic ad that is still ranked as one […]

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Data Security Worries Impede Cloud Adoption

Organizations are moving to the cloud at an annual rate of 20 percent, but security concerns are slowing adoption.

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