What Makes a Profit Leader?

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During my tenure with NAPL (now EpiComm), I worked closely with Andy Paparazzi, VP and Chief Economist, to better understand differences between profit leading companies and the rest. Every year we learned more, but just a few common denominators of leaders include:
Creating more value added products,
Meeting more frequently with their customers,
Listening to the […]

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Proof Prints and Sample Jobs: Saving Paper and Supplies

Don’t you love samples? So do I and I also love the Sample Set feature on my Xerox Multifunction printer. I can place a set of documents in the automatic document feeder (ADF) and program my big copy job and ask for a sample set. The printer will create one set of my job […]

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Xerox Mobile Print Cloud 3.0 – We’ve Been Listening

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Xerox Mobile Print Cloud 3.0 has new features and content added in response to feedback from you and our commitment to making mobile printing easier. With Mobile Print Cloud 3.0, we’ve introduced and added several new features:
Pull Printing (submit the job now, release it later) from a wide variety of Xerox EIP-enabled ConnectKey […]

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New Opportunities with Extended Thick Stock Capability

In an age of personalization, customization and print-on-demand down to a quantity of one, being able to produce a box, a sign or an upscale direct mail piece on a thicker or more robust stock puts you in a unique position. It can help you and your customers to expand your market reach and […]

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Don’t Ignore that Message

Have you ever had a message come up on your machine and you do what it says but the message just won’t go away? It happens sometime and though I would love to be able to tell you exactly why it happens it will remain one of those mysteries like why do you press […]

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Xerox Reports Fourth-Quarter 2015 Earnings

Xerox (NYSE: XRX) today announced its fourth-quarter financial results, delivering strong earnings and cash flow as a result of a continuous focus on productivity and business model optimization.

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Xerox to Separate into Two Market-Leading Public Companies

Xerox (NYSE: XRX) announced today the results of its review of the company’s portfolio and capital allocation options announced in October 2015. The Board of the company has unanimously approved management’s plan to separate Xerox into two independent publicly- traded companies, each of which will be a leader in its respective industry.

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Xerox and Carl Icahn Announce Agreement

Xerox (NYSE:XRX) and Carl C. Icahn announced today that they have entered into an agreement related to the governance of the Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”) company that will be created as a result of the planned separation of Xerox into two independent, publicly-traded companies.

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Find out how the mortgage landscape is rapidly changing in latest Xerox Path to Paperless Survey

Key findings in the 11th annual Xerox Path to Paperless Survey pointing to a rapidly changing mortgage landscape.

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Los Angeles commuters tap Go LA app powered by Xerox

The City of Los Angeles is introducing the Go LA app, powered by Xerox (NYSE: XRX), a solution that integrates all the available methods of getting around the second largest metro area in the United States.

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