Xerox Social Media: Subscribers, Followers and Friends Oh My!!

My homage to Dorothy. As Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said, “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Defiantly not Kansas, we are living in the times and land of Social Media. We are in the age where information travels worldwide at what seems like the speed of light. Social media […]

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How One Printer Thrives with Repeatable Marketing Programs

How One Printer Thrives with Repeatable Marketing Programs
Some commercial printers hesitate to position themselves to customers as a marketing partner. Becoming that type of printing business takes more than just words. It’s a transformative experience, but it doesn’t have to be from-the-ground-up change. Think of it as simply adding a layer of complementary skills […]

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Xerox VersaLink Family Expands

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Several new Xerox VersaLink printers and multifunction printers (MFP) have been introduced lately, specifically the VersaLink C7000-7020-25-30 and VersaLink B7025–30-35 and the VersaLink C500-C505-C600-C605.  These new VersaLink products offer the easy to navigate touchscreen, more reliability due to fewer moving parts in the machines and easy integration with apps to scan, cloud services […]

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Seven things you should do on every sales call

Most buyers hate sales calls
Some sales people do not understand this. They believe that it is the buyer’s duty to listen to every call that they receive. They believe that buyers should audit every supply option that they are presented with.
However, it is hard to blame buyers when they are presented with so many […]

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Get Rewards When You Get Genuine Xerox Supplies

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There are many reward programs available these days from airlines to grocery stores. We have a great one for you. It is called the Genuine Xerox Supplies reward program and it rewards you for doing what you already do – buying Genuine Xerox Supplies. The program gives you points for registering your machines […]

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Continuous Testing Can Improve Performance

With intense demand for in-house custom app development, IT teams are committing to automated continuous testing to ensure timely delivery of quality apps.

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Hospital Turns to Flash Storage for Health Records

Memorial Hospital turned to an all-flash storage solution to support both its VDI systems and its VMware servers, while also making records easily accessible.

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Increased Productivity May Be a Scan Away – DocuMate 6460 and 6480

The paperless office is still a thing of the future since it is estimated that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year*.  More and more companies, offices and even home offices need to convert the page to a digital format.  Digital format allows for archiving, collaborating and easy distribution.  […]

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Three Things You Need to Know about Augmented Reality—Now

We’ve been watching augmented reality (AR) for awhile, and it’s been nipping around the edges of the marketing-verse for awhile. However, there has been a groundswell of investment and commitment from key players that is changing the landscape. If you haven’t been paying (serious) attention, it’s time to start.
AR is set to become the […]

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    Mixed Size Originals and Copying on Xerox Multifunction Printers

Mixed Size Originals and Copying on Xerox Multifunction Printers

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Have you ever needed to make a copy of letter size and legal size documents in the same job? Well it can be difficult to do on some machines. But not on your Xerox multifunction device (MFD). You can easily copy mixed size originals by using the mixed size option on the copy […]

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