Xerox Print Awareness Tool and Arbor Day

Today, April 29th, is Arbor Day. Arbor is the Latin word for tree. Arbor Day was first proposed in Nebraska in 1872 by the secretary of Nebraska J. Sterling Morton. Morton proposed a tree planting holiday to be called Arbor Day. Nebraska was a more or less tree-less state at the time. The first […]

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5 Tips for Successful Networking at drupa

This is an abbreviated excerpt. For more tips and best practices, view the full article.

If you’ve ever attended an industry conference or event, chances are you understand the value of networking. Leaving the right impression with the new faces you meet can help forge relationships and open opportunities for you and your business.
drupa 2016 […]

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Ask the Expert: All About Xerox Drivers

Note: We will be having an Ask the Expert event on Wednesday May 4th 2016 on the Xerox Support Community Forum.  Earlier we met the Experts that will be conducting the event.  Today Dustin Trafton, one of those experts, gives an overview of Xerox drivers which will be the subject of the Event.  Start […]

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    Buckle Up, Print Industry: Balance of 2016 will be a Wild Ride

Buckle Up, Print Industry: Balance of 2016 will be a Wild Ride

If the past several months serve as any indication, then the remainder of 2016 should be a wild ride for the printing industry.

A quick recap of all that’s happened thus far: Amazon opened a brick-and-mortar store (yes, you read correctly); print was proclaimed as the new ‘new media’; companies operating exclusively through e-commerce began […]

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Xerox Reports First-Quarter 2016 Earnings and Provides Update on Strategic Transformation and Separation

Xerox (NYSE: XRX) announced its first-quarter financial results and reaffirmed its full-year adjusted earnings guidance. The company reported it remains on track to complete its planned separation into two independent, publicly-traded companies by the end of the year and said it has made important progress on its three-year, $2.4 billion strategic transformation program.

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    Earth Day 2016 – Your Xerox Printer Can Help to Save the Planet

Earth Day 2016 – Your Xerox Printer Can Help to Save the Planet

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It is Earth Day!!  Every day is Earth Day at Xerox.  Xerox has been committed to sustainability and preserving the planet even before the founding of Earth Day in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin as a teach-in about the environment.  In celebration of Earth Day I want to tell you […]

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Why Different Cross-Over Points for Books?

At the first Inkjet Summit in 2013, I moderated the book production track and asked companies their cross over points for different printing technologies. I got very different answers. I did not understand the differences at the time. Recently however, I worked with a large book printer and learned that this is a much […]

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Xerox Helps Fight Forged Deeds as Real Estate Crime Escalates

The Oakland County Clerk/Register of Deeds in Pontiac, Mich., has launched a new system from Xerox that alerts property owners about fraudulent activity for forged deeds and deceitful liens.

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Xerox drives Earth Day awareness through #GreenHacks, featuring sustainable mobility options

Earth Day kicks off on April 22, as the world’s largest observance aimed at building a clean environment. To build on our environmental heritage, this year Xerox is unveiling a campaign to spotlight the sustainability component of several of its transportation offerings which help make green work better.

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Xerox Printer Stopped Printing! Where are my Supplies?

The Xerox printer stopped printing!! Looks like it ran out of Toner. The message on the machine says Toner level very low. What is the Xerox Supplies number?  I wish I didn’t have to call every time !
The Xerox device has to be configured for Smart E-Solutions  in order for it to establish connection […]

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