Xerox Expands Business Reach for Channel Partners with Largest Product Launch in Company’s History

Channel partners will find additional opportunities to grow revenue and enter new markets with the launch of a new Xerox ConnectKey® portfolio. Xerox has transformed traditional printing devices into smart, connected workplace assistants that reflect the evolving needs of today’s businesses.

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By Popular Demand: SNMP and Your Xerox Printers

Simple Network Management (SNMP) seems to be a popular subject over on the Xerox Community Support Forum. There are hundreds of views every month of solutions regarding the use and disabling of SNMP.  Let’s look at what the forum and the online support say about this protocol.
SNMP is used in network management systems to […]

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Xerox Announces Expiration of Offers to Exchange Outstanding Notes

Xerox (NYSE: XRX) announced today that its offer to purchase $300 million in debt and exchange an additional $300 million of existing debt for new 4.070% senior notes due March 17, 2022, expired at 11:59 p.m. ET on March 27, 2017.

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Workers Are Unhappy With Their Firm’s Mobile Apps

With great mobile apps, employers can improve their employees’ productivity and work experience. Yet many mobile apps are not living up to user expectations.

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Which Social Media Connections Are Potential Customers?

How many worthless social media connections do you have?
If you are like me, you probably have quite a few! I have a lot of people with whom I am connected with but have never engaged. These connections are often in market sectors that are of no interest to me. It would probably be a […]

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Apple Macs and Xerox Standard Accounting – How to Setup

Have questions about how to use the Xerox Standard Accounting (XSA) with your Xerox printer or multifunction printer with your Apple Mac? Make sure you have the feature set up correctly. Let’s take a look at how to set up the Apple Mac driver and see if this will help answer some of those […]

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Big Data Can Enhance Business Decision Making

Big data isn’t about technology. It’s about creating that one-to-one personal experience that each of us craves as a consumer.

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Early Warning Signs that your Business is in Danger

When working with clients in this industry, it is not unusual for management teams to tell us how much they know and what they do well. But truth be told, it’s not what you know that will hurt you; it’s what you don’t know. More specifically it is what you ignore or what you […]

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Xerox Meter Reads: Enroll Now

This doesn’t seem like the correct charge for my Xerox device usage; that meter read is not even close.  Looks like my Bill was estimated!
Sound familiar? Enabling or enrolling your Xerox device for Remote Connectivity / Smart e-Solutions is very important, and it guarantees accurate Xerox billing on your Monthly statements; it avoids monthly […]

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Keys to a Successful Cloud Adoption for CIOs

Developing and implementing plans for cloud-driven change in structure and processes empowers CIOs to deliver the speed and agility of cloud infrastructure.

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