Saving Jobs to Your Xerox Printer or Multifunction Device

Do you have print jobs that you use frequently? Did you know that you can store print jobs on your printer or multifunction device to be reprinted at a later time? The Reprint Saved Jobs feature allows you to do just that. The feature enables you to save print jobs, including the document content […]

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CIOs Face Tough Digital Transformation Challenge

IT leaders are balancing the need to transform their company into a digital enterprise with the need to deliver measurable operational and business improvements.

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3 Tips That’ll Boost your Sales Team’s Performance

There’s a big problem with annual sales targets
This type of sales goal can be very hard to remain focused on. At the beginning of the year, no-one is too worried if you are behind with a big target. After all, there is plenty of time to make up for it later. This feeling can […]

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Xerox outlines strategy & long-term financial model as a standalone company at Investor Conference

Xerox (NYSE: XRX) today will hold an Investor Conference to provide details on its business strategy and long-term financial model as a standalone company. Xerox expects to complete the separation of Conduent Incorporated on Dec. 31, 2016.

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Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer

Xerox® Healthcare Multifunction Printer
Do you work in a medical office? Do you have to conform to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) standards when handling patient information?   Patient records have been moving to digital format in large hospitals and large medical facilities but smaller medical facilities like urgent care centers and doctors office […]

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Xerox Adds More Directors to its Board

Xerox (NYSE: XRX) announced today the appointment of Joseph J. Echevarria, the former chief executive officer of Deloitte LLP, and Cheryl G. Krongard, a former senior partner with Apollo Management LP, to the Xerox board of directors effective January 1, 2017. With these additions, the Xerox Board will comprise eleven directors.

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Flash Arrays Win Verdict From Idaho Supreme Court

The Idaho Supreme Court implemented hybrid flash storage in order to give attorneys and the public fast, easy access to essential legal information.

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Using Hybrid Cloud Security to Defeat DDoS Attacks

A hybrid cloud solution can protect against distributed-denial-of-service attacks and ensure network availability and access to essential business functions.

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Conduent to present business strategy at Investor Event

At its first-ever investor event being held today and audio webcasted from New York City, Conduent Chief Executive Officer Ashok Vemuri and Chief Financial Officer Brian Walsh will present the company’s strategy with a focus on delivering long-term value for shareholders through profit and margin expansion, innovation and diversified solutions and platforms.

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Image Quality Issues – When do They Occur?

Image quality issues can be caused by different things. Finding what may be causing the problem you first need to determine what process you are using when you see the issue. If the defect is only seen on copies that is a different issue then if you see the issue on prints.
So when you […]

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