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    5 Marketing and Branding Trends that Apply to ALL Industries

5 Marketing and Branding Trends that Apply to ALL Industries

Earlier this year, the Financial Brand Forum, the largest brand conference for financial marketers, provided an opportunity for experts to weigh in on how marketing and branding is changing for financial companies. While focused on finance, many of the lessons of the forum can be applied to other market verticals, as well.
Mintel Comperemedia recently […]

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Personalization with XMPie®

XMPie® are software solutions for some of today’s marketing challenges.  XMPie features the ability to create personalized marketing campaigns across several channels – print, Web, email, mobile, video and other media. Personalization draws attention to your message and is more likely to engage your customer to interact with your company.  Let’s take a look […]

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Stand out in a Crowd: How to Get Customers to Notice You

“Good morning. I represent a printing company but I don’t want to print your magazines.”
This was the opening line of a sales call that I received when I was the print purchaser at a major magazine publishing company. It was a great way to grab my attention. After all, the sales person was doing […]

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Xerox Delivers Memorable Retail Experiences With Digital Print, Automation at Retail’s BIG Show

At the NRF Annual Convention and EXPO – dubbed “Retail’s BIG Show” – January 15-17, Xerox will demonstrate to retailers from around the globe how print innovations and analytics can springboard more memorable, personalized retail experiences in-store, online and on mobile devices.

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Xerox App Support

Did you know that Xerox has many applications (apps) available for the Xerox printers and multifunction machines? I am sure you have seen or heard of some of the apps Xerox Print Portal, Xerox Easy Translator, Mobile for DocuShare and so many more.  You can take a look at the apps at the ConnectKey […]

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Companies Need to Optimize Business Intelligence

Companies must pay closer attention to data governance to ensure consistent, reliable, optimized results from their business intelligence systems.

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2017 State of the Industry and Profitability

This is the first article in a three part series that begins by delving into the business conditions and ends with strategies used by leaders to increase profitability (based off the principle of creating a ‘Culture of Urgency’).
The latest State of the Industry report written by my old friend Andy Paparozzi, the Chief Economist at IdeaAlliance, was […]

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AirPrint™ Quick Setup Video for Xerox ConnectKey™

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We are revisiting AirPrint because of the release of a new video that will walk you through the simple steps to enable AirPrint on your Xerox ConnectKey™ printers. Also many of you or your employees may have gotten a new Apple device during the holiday season.  AirPrint™ is a driver-less printing technology from […]

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    How Inkjet and In-Line Finishing Impact Book Production Costs

How Inkjet and In-Line Finishing Impact Book Production Costs

Thirty years ago, there was only one way to manufacture books – that was by using offset printing technology. More specifically, web offset presses were used for book blocks and sheet-fed offset presses were used for book covers.
Fast forward to today, and inkjet production printing has been revolutionizing book printing for several years now.
Market […]

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Do You Have the Latest Xerox Firmware Version?

Have you upgraded your firmware lately? Ok I know some of you are asking what firmware? I have firmware? Yes your Xerox printer or multifunction device has firmware also sometimes referred to as Systems Software. We offer upgraded firmware when we find an issue with the original firmware. These updates can be loaded by […]

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