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8 Reasons Direct Mail Is Critical in B2B Marketing

I watched an interesting television commercial today.
A marketing firm was promoting its television, social media, and mobile marketing services by bashing direct mail. Why drain your marketing budget on direct mail campaigns that nobody reads? Contact your customers (especially business customers, which were the focus of the commercial) using the channels they prefer—television, social […]

Xerox Copy Layout Adjustments

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Let’s talk about a couple of features used in the basic copy function of Xerox copiers and multifunction printers. The features we will look at today are Edge erase and Image shift. These layout adjustments help to give you the highest quality copies possible by adjusting some of the edge and alignment issues […]

Cloud-Based Accounting Helps Foundation

Cloud-based financial software helps the Cesar Chavez Foundation address financial and business concerns faster and more efficiently.

Containers Pays Off for Research Institute

The Translational Genomics Research Institute is making use of containers to facilitate collaboration across the research community in which it participates.

Guided Tour of Xerox Online Support

Two new videos guiding you to and through the Xerox online support knowledgebases have recently been posted.  These videos will help you find the online support and explain how to use two of the different ways to find your answers.  The videos do not have sound, just read and follow along.
The first video, “How […]

3 Ways to Build Sticky Customer Relationships

Sticky customers are vital to the success of your business
In my last article, we discussed two types of customers: ‘Transactional’ and ‘Sticky’.
Transactional customers are much more price-driven, tend not to be the strongest relationships and are more difficult to control. The printer is treated as a commodity supplier, and as such, companies that focus […]

Cloud and Mobile Safety Concern IT Security Pros

Companies are flocking to mobile devices and the cloud, but IT security professionals worry about data loss, which is their main mobile security concern.

Trees Glorious Trees – Arbor Day 2017

Last week we talked about some of the ways Xerox supports the Earth Day movement, see the article “Celebrate the Planet’s Environment – Earth Day 2017”.  Today, April 28, is Arbor day.  Arbor is the Latin word for tree. Arbor day was first proposed in Nebraska on January 4, 1872 by the secretary of Nebraska J. […]

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Cloud Strategies Must Be Clear and Comprehensive

There’s a growing recognition that the cloud is more than a way to trim expenses and manage costs effectively. It can deliver strategic and practical gains.

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Manufacturer of Elevator Systems Turns to the IoT

A leading global manufacturer of elevator systems turns to the internet of things and analytics to take business performance to a higher level.

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