Two new videos guiding you to and through the Xerox online support knowledgebases have recently been posted.  These videos will help you find the online support and explain how to use two of the different ways to find your answers.  The videos do not have sound, just read and follow along.

The first video, “How to Use a Product’s Knowledgebase”, guides you through using the search feature to find answers to issues or problems you may be having with your Xerox product, ranging from software to multifunction printers and everything in between.  You can enter fault codes, error message or something like “jam in tray 2” to find solutions that you can try on your own.  Some of the solutions even include videos to walk you through the solutions.

The second video, “Using the Knowledgebase Quick Links”, begins just like the first but shows you how to use the quick links to browse topics. The quick links are on the right side of the support page for your product.  The quick links help you to narrow the focus of your search to the topic you require, for instance copy or image quality just to name two.  Clicking on the browse topic will display the cases and solutions for that topic.

So where do you find these videos?  Click the links in the paragraphs above or just navigate over to the main Support Page and at the top you will see a “blurb” that begins “Need help?” the links to the videos are in that section.  Below is a screen shot of the location for the videos. 

I hope you find these videos useful in helping you to get the most out of the Xerox knowledgebase.